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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Week 25 winners on my Facebook Page

Here are the winners of my Week 25 comp on my Facebook Page, The Question: which stand-alone novel would you write a sequel to, and why? 

1st, Andrew Gleeson (The Bible), 2nd Grey Dw (The City and the City), 3rd, Alan Ronald Thompson (Lord of the Flies), Hon Mentions, Daniel Hope and Charlotte Brittain.

Remember that if you get 3 Honourable Mentions, you also win one of my book trilogies or quartets. 3 or 4 people have won this way already.

Congratulations, everyone. 

You can enter the Week 26 comp, here: 

This Week's question is: Tomorrow a meteorite is going to destroy Earth. Which writer (or writers) would you invite to dinner and what would the menu be?

The cleverest, funniest or most touching entries win. No knowledge of Ian’s books needed. Like my Page to enter.

FIRST PRIZE – The Well of Echoes quartet, signed.

SECOND PRIZE – The Song of the Tears Quartet, signed.

THIRD PRIZE – The Grim and Grimmer Quartet, signed


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